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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Smuve Blender

Smuve has been designed with convenience and fun in mind. To ensure you get the most out of your Smuve experience, check out the information provided below.

First time using your Smuve

As with most products, you will receive your Smuve with a partially charged battery. This is to enable you to give the machine a small clean before you can plug into a socket for full charging. To turn on your Smuve, double press the button at the front. 

Order of produce

It is important to remember that for even distribution and a smooth maceration process, that liquid products are added first. Due to the nature of the blending, the initial adding of the softest products will result in a smoother experience and better result.

Once all liquids have been placed in the blender, other products can be added. At this point, the order is not relevant, and they can be thrown in at your leisure and blended.

Super power

Are you looking to blend using maximum power? A quick tip to bear in mind is turning the Smuve 180 degrees and briefly waiting for the blades to reach their full speed. Then you can return it to the upright position and begin blending. This ensures that the product doesn't hit the blades until they have reached their maximum RPMs. It also subjects the produce to a faster maceration process.

Size of produce

It makes sense to be aware that the smaller the piece of produce, be they fruit or vegetable, the faster and more effective the blending process. This especially applies to produce with a denser or harder coating or consistency. Whereas softer mushier products can be added with less preparation.


Before the addition of ice, ensure that all other liquids have already been added. The quantity of ice depends on your preference. It is advisable to start with less and add more as required.

Amount of produce

It is important to always remember not to overload your Smuve. A little space between the top of the produce and the lid should always be left empty. This is to make room for the blending process and also to ensure the top stays in place. If you need to make a larger amount, it is advised to blend twice, rather than attempt to overload. In the same respect, it is important never to run the Smuve while empty. This can result in motor damage and burnout.


Liquids which reach a temperature of 120F/49C should not be used when blending with the Smuve. Use of liquids reaching this temperature can result in irreparable damage. These include leaks both to the jar and base of the machine. It is advised to cool down such liquids before using and before adding them into the blender.


Ensure your safety by ensuring hands and fingers are kept away from the blending blades at all times. This applies to taking care during emptying and filling the Smuve, including during the cleaning process.


Cleaning is a quick and convenient process. No special tools nor products are required. Simply rinsing with warm water and a drop of your normal dishwashing soap is sufficient. This will ensure your Smuve is kept clean and functioning. This level of cleaning is adequate for the majority of use. Always ensure that the charging port is kept free from water. This can be done by taking care to cover the charging port during the cleaning process.

Intermittently you will need to ensure that the Smuve gets a deep clean. During the Deep clean the lid and strainer should be pulled apart allowing removal of the jar from the base.


Should you encounter a blockage in the blender, the quickest and easiest way to rectify the jam is to turn the Smuve upside down. If the produce doesn't move, gently shake to redistribute the produce. This will allow the blades to spin at full RPM before you can slowly return the blender to its upright position. In doing this, the fruits will hit the blades at full speed allowing maceration to continue smoothly. If the problem isn't rectified by carrying out the above, proceed to turn the blender upside down again. You can then remove the base, and manually remove the blockage from the blades. Ensure the arrows are aligned correctly when reassembling, and blending can be resumed.

Flashing lights

Red and blue flashing lights indicate that there is a misalignment between the base and the Jar. This is easily rectified by lining up the arrows on the base and jar. This is a safety measure to make sure that the blender is properly sealed. The magnets in the base serve as a safety device, and the machine will not function if the alignment isn't correct.

Red light

A solid red light indicates that the Smuve is running low on power. Correct this issue simply by connecting a USB lead to a power socket. Once fully charged the red light will appear blue and you are ready to blend.


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