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Smuve was created with an ardent goal in mind; invent a powerful and portable blender that can provide smoothies on the move! We wanted a convenient and easy way to make smoothies, baby foods, and protein shakes on the go, so we created Smuve!

Smuve is a portable and convenient solution for people on the go and provides blending solutions for all. If you are a nursing mother or dad, you can make your baby’s food purée while on the go.

If you’re a sporty person that is always actively working and taking gym sessions, a 9-5 worker, or a student, Smuve can fulfill your nutritional needs right on the spot. Also, if you love traveling a lot and you are not ready to give up your healthy and delicious smoothies, then Smuve is perfect for you.

You can use this battery-powered blender anywhere without being tied to an electricity socket as long as your battery is charged, or if you have a USB outlet like your laptop, power bank or car USB port, then you’re just good to go.

About the Smuve Portable Blender

  • Portable But Powerful

This reliable battery operated blender can provide 15-20 cups per full charge. Its robust, high rotating, and stainless steel blades work synergistically to smash fruits, vegetables, and ice quickly.

Simply charge via a USB port for 2-4 hours before use, then add your ingredients and turn on for a tasty, silky, and delicious healthy drink in less than 90 seconds.

  • Easy and Safe To Use

Single-button operation makes the Smuve portable blender fast and easy to use. Unique high tech design and inbuilt safety measures ensure that the mixer doesn’t operate when it’s inappropriately assembled.

  • Easy To Carry

Compared to large traditional blenders, Smuve handheld blender can be conveniently carried everywhere you go, and it also makes less noise. You can keep it in your bag, briefcase, or hold it in your hand, so you can have a healthy option wherever and whenever.

  • Easy To Clean

The Smuve portable blender is very easy to wash. Fill in some water and turn it on to start washing, and the blades will be thoroughly cleaned automatically in no time.

With its removable design, you can also wash the blender in other ways. Just remove the mixing jar and rinse with running water.

  • Eco-Friendly

Smuve smoothie blender is made of food-grade, non-toxic, BPA free, and eco-friendly material. So rest assured you are getting your nutrient retained and you are starting your day on a good note with a healthy and nutritious drink.

  • 2-in-1 Design

You don’t have to prepare another cup to pour your drink after blending, Smuve can solve that problem. You can drink directly from the mouth of the blending container after blending/mixing your drink.

Benefits of the Smuve Portable Blender

There are many health benefits associated with owning the Smuve portable blender. Below are just a few:

  • Remain Healthy

Drinking natural and fresh smoothies, protein shakes, and juices are a great way to live healthily. You will get all the minerals, vitamins, and bioactive compounds that your body needs to stay fit, active, and healthy in the long term. There’s no better way to achieve this consistently other than using the Smuve smoothie blender.

  • Save Medical Expenses

A portable blender like Smuve is a great way to consume vitamins and minerals that will strengthen your immune system, fight against bacteria in your body, and prevent you from falling ill. Smuve will help you save money!

  • Certainty of What You’re Consuming.

As opposed to getting your smoothies from commercial suppliers who you’re not too sure of, given that hygiene is a thing, Smuve gives you the benefit of being sure of exactly what you’re taking into your body.

  • Maintain Healthy Diets

Are you accustomed to drinking one or two smoothies or protein shake per day because you love how good it makes your body feel? Then you don’t have to give up your healthy eating habits even when you are traveling.

Get a portable blender like Smuve today, and you can drink as many smoothies as you want.

  • Delicious and Refreshing

Smuve allows you to drink a cup of fresh and cold smoothie anytime you want, especially on sunny days. Isn’t that refreshing? You can even mix the fruits with ice cubes that will make them so cool.

How To Use Smuve Portable Blender

  1. Cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces.
  2. Pour the small pieces of fruits into the blender and add enough water.
  3. Turn on the power button.
  4. Wait for 60-90 seconds
  5. Your fresh smoothie is ready!
  6. You can find more detailed information in the user manual.

Making healthy drinks becomes less time consuming and easy if you have the right appliance. Smuve portable blender is an ideal product that makes it easy to make your smoothies, protein shakes, juice, and baby’s food to perfection in minutes, especially when you are running out of time.

Choose Smuve, choose smoothies on the go!


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