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Smuve Influencer Campaign 2020

Hello and welcome! 

If you are reading this then it means one of our team members have approached you for a mutually beneficial collaboration with Smuve. 

Below are the categories we are going for, and will select only 6 influencers to embark on this journey with us. 

Influencer 1: Category: Food/Cooking/Blending Spices

Influencer 2: Category: Juicing/ Diet/Smoothies/Fruit n' Veg/Vegan

Influencer 3: Category: Family/Home/Mum or Dad/Smoothies/Milkshakes

Influencer 4: Category: Baby Foods/Parenting/Healthy Living

Influencer 5: Category: Fitness/Diet/Exercise/Fresh Juice

Influencer 6: Category: Protein Shakes/Gym/Training

Influencer 7: Category: Wild card! propose or tell us what you could do with the Smuve Blender? 

Below is an example of the kind of post we will make on our site:

What do you get?

  • Free Smuve Portable Blender (4 available colours)
  • Voucher for purchasing our new edition of the Smuve Blender which will be launched in June 2020, you will be the first to have it free! 
  • Opportunity for lots of new viewers to visit your channel and engage with you once we post your video and article. 

If you are interested in featuring on any of the categories above, please respond back to us via email and let us know the following:

1) Category interested

2) A brief of your idea or what you think you would do with the Smuve Portable Blender on your channel! 

We will be picking the suitable influencers in the first couple of week of March 2020.  




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